Look More Gorgeous Than Ever

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Look More Gorgeous Than Ever

Get plush lips with lip gloss

Get gorgeous lips with lip gloss.

The use of matte lipsticks draw attention to imperfections and age lines on the lips, however, lip glosses have the opposite effect. The glossiness reflects and conceals imperfections, while lip gloss formulas help to fill in lines on the lips, as well as make them look fuller than ever. Choose shades that are coral pink or blue-based pink, as these colors work with most skin tones, and have the additional benefit of making teeth appear whiter! After applying lip gloss over the lips, add a little dab of the gloss onto the Cupid’s bow and the center of the lower lip. This makes the lips look plumper, as well as highlights the lips. Some multi-tasking lip glosses that provide excellent shades to enhance the lips include glominerals gloGloss and Colorescience PRO Lip Shine SPF 35, which also effectively protect the skin of your lips from sun damage.

As an alternative, lip plumping glosses can also be used. Effective lip plumping formulas include Fabeaulux Fabeau'Lips, which is an anti-aging, collagen renewal lip gloss that contains active collagen peptides to enhance cell renewal and reduce lip wrinkles.

Get gorgeous eyes with eyebrow pencils.

Give eyebrows the attention they deserve

Eyebrows are probably the most underrated feature on the face. By slightly enhancing the look of the eyebrows, you can easily look fresh and wide-eyed. Even if your eyebrows may have shortened or fallen off with age, it is easy to add back what you once had. All that is required is a steady hand and a good brow pencil such as glominerals gloPrecision Brow Pencil. For brunettes, look for a shade that is slightly lighter colored than your brows. For blondes, go for a slightly darker shade instead. Redheads should opt for a softer shade of color than their hair hue. Hold the pencil at a slight angle and draw along the brows in short, featherlike strokes. Blend the color naturally into your brows and set in place with a clear brow gel like Colorescience PRO Brow Gel - Brow Fixation.

Look gorgeous with skin bronzers.

Keep it glowing

Ask any makeup artist and no doubt they will tell you that a good bronzing powder is the secret to freshen and brighten any complexion. Not only does bronzing powder even the skin tone, but adds a healthy-looking, youthful glow. Aim to keep the effect subtle instead of looking like you spent a whole day tanning at the beach. First, find a shade that mimics the look of your skin when it takes on a slight tan, then apply the bronzing powder with a blush brush instead of a larger powder brush, as this allows more targeted application to spots that catch color in the sun, such as over the cheek bones, temples and the bridge of the nose, so that the result looks as natural as possible. Try glominerals gloBronze for a subtle, beautiful glow.

Do the blue mascara trick

Adding a hint of blue mascara really makes your eyes pop and makes the whites of the eyes look whiter. The trick is not to overdo the blue tint. Apply black mascara on upper eyelashes, then sweep a single coat of blue on to the bottom lashes. Blinc Mascara in Dark Blue is perfect for this job, providing just the right tint of navy blue when used just on the lower lashes to effectively enhance your eyes.

Blue Mascara makes a great gorgeous look.

Update your eyeliner

If you feel like your eyes always look the same, and don’t stand out anymore, here is another little trick to make your eyes stand out: Apply an ultra thin liner along the tops and bottom lash lines to frame the eyes and make lashes look fuller. Start lining the lashes right where they start growing from the inner corners of the eyes, then use a Q-tip to gently smudge the color for a more subtle, softer finish. Revitalash Raven 12 Hour Eyeliner is perfect for precise application, does not irritate eyes, and lasts throughout the day.

Now, you can achieve that gorgeous look!

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