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HydroPeptide - Discover Collagen-Boosting Nimni Technology

Posted by Erin Larson (HydroPeptide, Director of Brand Management & Education) on 3/5/2018 to Anti-Aging

HydroPeptide - Featuring Nimni Dream Team

Collagen is a big deal. Whether you worship organic, scientific, home-made, or doctor prescribed skin care, "collagen" has been a big buzzword for years. There is an entire industry devoted to this one special protein that includes creams, serums, masks, devices, massages, pills, drink powders, and so on. By why? And, more importantly, do they work? Let’s take a deep dive into whether our collagen obsession is well-placed and what actually works when our goal is to improve collagen for healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

HydroPeptide - Discover Collagen-Boosting Nimni Technology

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