Colorescience Makeup

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All about Colorescience mineral makeup

The founder of Colorescience is Diane Ranger, the woman who revolutionized the world of makeup when she first coined the term “mineral makeup” in 1977. Colorescience is the 21st century version of mineral cosmetics, which emphasizes the use of high quality ingredients, using the minimum number of ingredients, with each ingredient conferring skin care benefits. Two highly recommended products from Colorescience include Colorescience primers and Colorescience Sunforgettable Sun Protection.

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Getting a Great Shave

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Learn how to get a great shave

Getting a great shave is important as it affects the way people view you and form their opinions about what sort of a person you are. As they say, appearance is everything, therefore, if you appear un-groomed, unshaven or scruffy-looking with razor burns and ingrown hairs, you will immediately be at a disadvantage to someone who looks cleanly shaven and well groomed. Read on for some great tips to help you achieve a comfortable groomed appearance and a perfect shave.

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How to grow beautiful, long lashes

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Fuller, longer lashes are now possible with various enhancing serums

Long, voluminous and curly eyelashes are one of the most desired beauty enhancements for many women. Currently, most women use regular mascaras to temporarily achieve this look. However, advanced technology makes it now possible to actually grow your lashes and permanently obtain longer and fuller eyelashes. With innovative eyelash enhancing serums, the dream of having the ultimate eyelashes can be fulfilled.

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Dragon's Blood for Skincare?

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Dragon's Blood for Skincare?

Dragon?s blood is currently one of the hottest ingredients in the world of beauty and skincare. It is a potent ingredient used in state-of-the art skincare and beauty products to provide a multitude of cosmetic benefits. Nowadays, Dragon?s blood has become well-known as the ?Liquid Face-lift? due to its ability to plump, sculpt and lift the complexion to achieve a dramatically youthful appearance, all without the need for expensive and invasive surgeries.

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What are Cosmeceuticals?

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Cosmetics 101: Cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceuticals have gained huge popularity, especially in the recent years due to their effectiveness. Cosmeceuticals refer to skincare products that exert cosmetic effects while also contain ingredients that have pharmaceutical-like functions and enhance the natural physiological activities of the skin. Choose cosmeceutical products that effectively combine and make the most out of potent ingredients to provide the best available skincare results.

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Teenage Acne vs. Adult Acne

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Woman washing face to prevent acne

Acne is generally associated with teenage skin. However, nowadays the number of adults with acne-prone skin has increased rapidly. In response to this trend, various advanced skin care product lines have been developed that are particularly targeted towards either teenage or adult acne. A major causative factor of acne in both teenagers and adults is stress; therefore, long-term management of stress is essential to maintain beautifully clear, acne-free skin.

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Cosmetics 101: Mineral Makeup vs. Traditional Makeup

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Cosmetics 101: Mineral Makeup vs. Traditional Makeup

The benefit of mineral makeup over traditional makeup is a topic often debated by beauty and health experts. Mineral makeup has made a comeback since the late 1990s, and since then, sales of mineral makeup products have steadily increased. Nowadays, it is important to find brands of mineral makeup that confers all the natural benefits, yet do not deviate too much from the original simplistic philosophy of mineral makeup in order to enforce multi-functioning benefits.

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The Buzz on SkinMedica

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All About SkinMedica

Why is SkinMedica becoming popular among dermatologists? SkinMedica skincare products are formulated with scientifically proven recover compounds, including essential ingredients ranging from vitamins C and E to Retinol to TNS (Tissue Nutrient Solution), a patented blend of growth factors, soluble collagen, antioxidants and matrix proteins. The result is an advanced skincare regimen that works below the skin's surface to regenerate the health of the skin. Here, we take a more in depth look at two of the most popular products from SkinMedica.

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Make Your Makeup Sweat Proof

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Sweat ruins makeup

How to help keep your makeup in place while you sweat in the hot summer months? There are various makeup tips and preventative measures that can be employed to overcome this problem. By following these suggestions, makeup can indeed stay sweat-proof, so you can enjoy a flawless-looking complexion all throughout the hot summer months.

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Product Review: Envie De Neuf Platinum Lineless Eye Mask

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