Product Review: Phytomer EXPERT YOUTH Wrinkle Correction Cream

Posted by on 11/13/2015 to Product Review
Phytomer Expert Youth

For Phytomer, the sea is an infinite source of inspiration. Through recent research work on Laminaria algae, our scientists discovered a complex of ingredients capable of activating algae stem cells (spores) and thus creating algae matter: SEASTEM. Applied to the skin, it offers the incredible power of optimizing the function of the skin stem cells in order to redeploy the skin’s replenishment potential and rejuvenating power. EXPERT YOUTH Wrinkle Correction Cream combines the innovative properties of SEASTEM with Glasswort Oil and Oliogmer for a smoothing, hydrating and remineralizing result that optimizes the function of skin stem cells and thus restores the skin’s replenishing power.

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