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HydroPeptide - Discover Collagen-Boosting Nimni Technology

Posted by Erin Larson (HydroPeptide, Director of Brand Management & Education) on 3/5/2018 to Anti-Aging

HydroPeptide - Featuring Nimni Dream Team

Collagen is a big deal. Whether you worship organic, scientific, home-made, or doctor prescribed skin care, "collagen" has been a big buzzword for years. There is an entire industry devoted to this one special protein that includes creams, serums, masks, devices, massages, pills, drink powders, and so on. By why? And, more importantly, do they work? Let’s take a deep dive into whether our collagen obsession is well-placed and what actually works when our goal is to improve collagen for healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

First, the why. The good news is our obsession has not been misplaced. Collagen is a vital structural protein that helps to give a youthful fullness and bounce and to support the tissue that may eventually sag and become wrinkles. This precious protein degrades naturally as we age but that loss can be accelerated by environmental and lifestyle factors, notably, sun exposure. This is why it is so important to help keep collagen healthy and plentiful.

Now, do these products work? The answer to this question is a definitive...that depends. Products that "contain collagen" are not always the miracle they claim to be. This is for two reasons. First, collagen itself is too large to penetrate the skin. Second, even if it could, it would not magically integrate to become our own new collagen. So, while products that contain collagen can have some nourishing properties, they are not the key to creating more healthy collagen in your skin. The key lies in particles smaller than collagen proteins; particles like peptides and amino acids. Peptides send signals that trick the skin into thinking too much collagen has been broken down and that it needs to create more. Amino acids are even smaller and can be thought of as the building blocks of collagen. This combination is powerful because if the skin has a signal to create more collagen and the materials to do it, healthy collagen can truly be achieved.

HydroPeptide Nimni Cream

HydroPeptide Nimni Cream

While there are many products on the market that claim to use peptides to signal the skin to create more collagen, HydroPeptide Nimni Cream and HydroPeptide Nimni Day Cream are the only ones that combine this with a patented blend of amino acids that provide the vital materials to physically create collagen. This patented amino acid blend was developed by Dr. Marcel Nimni, the doctor who "wrote the book on collagen", discovered Type II collagen, and has spent a lifetime researching and making groundbreaking discoveries in the subjects of collagen and aging. Combine these powerful signaling and protein-building technologies with ingredients to nourish fibroblasts, the cells that create our collagen, to keep them healthy and vibrant and you have the perfect recipe for full, bouncy, youthful skin.

HydroPeptide Nimni Day Cream

HydroPeptide Nimni Day Cream

Using Nimni Day Cream and Nimni Cream together means your skin is getting 24/7 access to collagen signaling and the materials to create collagen. Use Nimni Day Cream in the morning for the added benefit of environmental protectors, Naringin and Alpha Lipoic Acid, which help to reduce age-inducing inflammation and protect against collagen degradation. Use Nimni Cream at night for the added benefit of skin smoothing and collagen stimulating time-release retinol.

HydroPeptide Nimni Dream Team

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