Clark's Botanicals - Winter Skincare

Posted by Abby Gardner on 12/13/2017 to Product Review

Clarks Botanicals - Winter Skincare

Winter is no longer coming—it's here. And with it comes a whole new set of skin issues. First, there's the blistering winds and super cold temperatures any time you're outside. Then you go to the office and the heat is so dry you might as well be in the desert. Sometimes even people with oily skin the rest of the year find themselves desperate for moisture come December through March.

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HydroPeptide: Rich & Powerful Duo for Dry Winter Skin

Posted by Erin Larson (HydroPeptide, Director of Brand Management & Education) on 12/1/2017 to Anti-Aging

HydroPeptide Rich & Powerful Duo for Dry Winter Skin

With the holiday season upon us, most areas of the country will begin to experience colder weather and drier air. As snow begins to fall, many of us will be exposed to harsh weather either by participating in snow sports or just going about our daily lives in the snowier areas of the country. Heaters are being turned on everywhere we go; in our homes, our offices and our cars. What does this all mean? All of these factors (in some cases compounded by holiday celebrations which mean an increase in cocktails and a decrease in sleep) can equal dry winter skin.

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