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Overview of Neova Skincare Products

The Beginning of Neova Skincare

Neova Skincare was launched in early 2000 by the biotechnology company ProCyte, which was originally well known for its research and development on treatments for wounds and wound healing. Founded since the 1980s, ProCyte has developed numerous compounds that are beneficial to the healing of wounds and skin damage. ProCyte has since patented these compounds, many of which are included in the advanced Neova skincare line.

Neova and Copper Peptide

The major breakthrough by ProCyte was in the identification of the role of copper peptide complexes during the natural process of wound healing and healing of damaged skin tissue. The element copper is generally less well known in comparison to iron and zinc as an essential mineral for the human body, however, copper has been known throughout history to be a major component required for proper growth and functioning of the skin and tissue. Copper is important during the production of the structural components of the skin, including collagen and elastin. Neova skincare features the function of copper peptide complexes in promoting cell turnover and renewal, as well as enhancing the production of collagen and elastin, both of which help to repair the skin and protect it from the signs of aging including lines and wrinkles and loss of skin firmness. ProCyte was able to create a system involving copper peptide complexes which mimic the natural wound repairing process of the body, and employed this novel system in the Neova skincare line to counteract the effects of aging and sun damage on the skin. The Neova skincare line was thus launched, in which all the products in the line features the addition of the patented tri-amino copper and copper peptide complexes.

Neova DNA Repair

Later, the Neova skincare line was upgraded to include DNA repairing properties in addition to their copper peptide complex technology. DNA damage is an important contributing factor to skin damage, therefore, Neova introduced liposome-encapsulated DNA repair, which involves a liposome encapsulated vehicle that effectively delivers DNA repair enzymes to sites where there is DNA damage. Neova's liposome-encapsulated DNA repair system is combined to work synergistically with the copper peptide complex technology, and this dynamic duo system is now found in all products of the Neova skincare line.

Neova Skincare Today

Today, the Neova skin care line consists of a diverse range of products suitable for many skin types and concerns. Neova's reputation has grown rapidly in the past decade, and the skincare line is now used and recommended by a vast number of skincare professional, dermatologists and their patients and clientele. Some of their most popular products includes -- Neova DNA Damage Control and Neova Creme de la Copper.

Neova DNA Damage Control not only provides sun protection, but also helps repair DNA for healthier skin

Neova DNA Damage Control

Neova DNA Damage Control (with SPF sun protection) does so much more than protecting the skin from daily exposure to UV-rays. The sunscreen also contains DNA repair enzymes which help correct and reverse some of the cellular damage already caused by the sun's harmful UV-rays. Liposomes are used to deliver the DNA repair enzymes, targeting the site of the DNA injury, reducing the risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging. With continuous daily use of Neova DNA Damage Control for a month, areas of skin discolorations due to photo damage are reduced, and the skin becomes softer and more youthful looking. The Neova DNA Damage Control line of products is suitable for all skin types.

Neova Creme de la Copper delivers a powerful combination of copper peptide and DNA repair enzymes for healthier skin.

Neova Creme de la Copper

Neova Creme de la Copper is a restoring treatment for the skin that effectively helps to repair photo damage. The intensely moisturizing formula provides immediate relief for dry, aging skin. The formula includes the powerful combination of copper peptide complex system and liposome-encapsulated DNA repair. It is also supercharged with marine minerals, vitamins and bioflavonoids for powerful antioxidant protection and nourishment deep within the skin. Neova Creme de la Copper effectively diminishes the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and loss of skin firmness.

Now, you know about the wonderful and powerful benefits of Neova Skincare!

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