Phytomer Pioneers in Marine Biotechnology, the New Frontier of Skin Care

Posted by on 1/16/2015 to Product Review
Overview of Phytomer Skincare Products

Phytomer Visible ResultsWith thousands of skin care products to choose from, Phytomer’s spa expertise and innovation help make the decision a lot easier. With 40+ years of spa industry experience in France and over 25 years in the United States, Phytomer is a high-end, marine brand that has not only grown with the spa industry but helped to form it. After leading the way in creating trendsetting skin care in 70 countries worldwide, Phytomer has taken the next step to pioneer in the field of marine biotechnology as a resource for cosmetics ingredients, believing biotechnology is the future of results-oriented cosmetics to create innovative, 100% natural skin care ingredients

PhytomerWhat is marine biotechnology? To put it simply, it is the technique of using marine micro-organisms to produce or transform an active ingredient without the addition of chemicals or artificial products. This represents the chemistry of the future, a non-polluting and eco-friendly method that guarantees maximum respect of marine biodiversity – a major breakthrough for skin care! Biotechnology allows skin care to be both natural and high-performance. These highly sophisticated marine “actives” deliver proven and visible results in today’s demanding and competitive skin care market.

PhytomerPhytomer’s premier XMF Anti-Aging Collection is formulated with this incredible marine biotechnology. XMF stands for “Extra Marine Filler” – an exclusive discovery by Phytomer advanced research, XMF is a high-tech marine sugar. XMF is an EPS (ExoPolySaccharide), a 100% natural ingredient with exceptional smoothing and densifying properties. The XMF Collection consists of three outstanding products: PIONNIÉRE XMF Perfection Youth Cream, PIONNIÉRE Radiance Retexturing Serum and PIONNIÉRE Reset Eye Fluid. Select Phytomer spas offer PIONNIÉRE XMF Youth Revealing Facial, a 90 minute treatment that uses expert marine biotechnology formulations combined with specialized tools and massage maneuvers created by a renowned French osteopath, boosting impressive results.

PhytomerThe future continues to looks bright for Phytomer. A new technology for the spa industry, marine biotechnology allows products to be natural and high-performance. ESP AMM, Absolute Marine Matifier is another natural sugar reproduced by biotechnology in Phytomer laboratories. It’s present in Phytomer’s OLIGOMARINE Flawless-Skin Tonic and ACNIPUR Blemish Solution Fluid. Absolutely unique and impossible to copy, AMM has a dual optimum effectiveness for oily skin prone to blemishes, providing an immediate matte effect and a biological anti-inflammatory action. Because marine biotechnology ingredients have an infinite range of uses for the skin, it is exciting to imagine the endless possibilities this technology will bring to the professional skin care world.

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