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Skincare for Men Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

The plethora of skincare products available especially for men is steadily increasing, with various cosmetic and skincare companies creating their own advanced skincare lines targeted towards men and their skincare needs. Many men say that using anti-aging creams and lotions are quite acceptable and even commendable. Men in general these days have shown that they are much more open to using products that enhance their personal appearance, and that includes anti-aging products.

Men's skincare needs are different from women's.

How Is Men's Skincare Different?

According to L’Oreal Paris, a man’s skin is generally thicker and oilier than a woman's, which is why a different treatment is necessary to account for the differences in skin physiology. “You can’t just take a woman’s anti-aging product, put it in a blue bottle and sell it to the guys; you would need a tougher product for the tougher sex.”

Zirh: Skincare Philosophy

In response to this, Zirh is dedicated to creating skincare products especially for men. Zirh’s easy to use, comprehensive skincare line includes multi-tasking products that contain the highest quality active ingredients to treat the particular needs of male skin. Since its launch in 1995, Zirh has been a cult favorite of makeup artists, professional athletes and successful men around the world.

Zirh: 4 Steps to Healthier Skin

Zirh’s line of comprehensive skincare products makes a man’s daily skincare routine simple and easy. The skincare regimen consists of 4 basic steps and each step contains a number of different product options. The 4 steps are as follows:

Zirh Wash deeply cleanses the skin for a more refreshing wash.

Zirh Skincare Step #1: Clean

This step involves skin cleansing using either Zirh Clean or Zirh Wash. Zirh Clean contains alpha hydroxyl acids, which help to gently slough way dead skin cells that can cause blackheads or acne. Zirh Wash is a gentler alternative to Clean, which is suitable for men with dry or sensitive skin who find the cleansing effects of Clean a bit too rough.

As an additive to simple cleansing, it is recommended to use Zirh Scrub a few times per week. The scrub contains microadermabrasive particles that exfoliates the skin and removes surface oil and toxins, dead skin cells and unblocks pores to reveal newer, healthier skin.

Zirh Soothe helps the skin to recover from dryness.

Zirh Skincare Step #2: Prepare / Shave

This step is especially geared towards shaving. Prior to shaving, it is recommended to apply Zirh Prepare, which is a light botanical oil that primes the skin for shaving by effectively softening facial hair and reducing friction for easier gliding of the razor and thereby helping to prevent razor burns.

While shaving, there are 2 choices (depending on personal preferences) to help ease gliding of the razor across the skin: Zirh Shave Cream or Zirh Shave Gel. Both products work effectively to prevent razor burns, and contain soothing and moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera and glycerin.

Post Shaving, Zirh Soothe helps the skin to recover from dryness after shaving and leaves the skin feeling comfortable and refreshed.

Zirh Correct plumps, firms, and hydrates men's facial skin.

Zirh Skincare Step #3: Correct

Zirh Correct is a conditioning serum containing vitamins A, C and E as well as being packed full of hydrating emollients that work just below the skin’s surface to plump, firm and hydrate. Use this before Daily Moisturizer to keep skin hydrated for longer.

Zirh Protect is a daily facial moisturizer, designed for normal to oily combination skin types, it nourishes the skin without leaving greasy shine or blocking pores. It is easily absorbed by the skin and needs very little massaging to get it in the skin, which is great for men who do not want to fuss too much in their skincare routine. Ingredients include allantoin which helps to increases skin cell turnover while simultaneously acting as a humectant, by binding water to surface skin cells, leaving skin hydrated and renewed.

Zirh Restore helps reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles for men.

Zirh Skincare Step #4: Restore

Eye protection is often overlooked in skin care yet brighter eyes are considered the most important feature in a more youthful looking complexion. Brighter eyes makes a man look more awake, healthier and less stressed. Zirh Restore is an herbal eye cream that effectively reduces under eye puffiness and dark circles.

In addition to the above mentioned Zirh products for basic skincare, Zirh also offers effective products for anti-aging purposes. Zirh Rejuvenate and Zirh Reverse are both anti-aging formulas that instantly moisturize and firm the skin. With continuous use, lines and wrinkles become diminished and skin becomes fresh, even and supple.

Zirh: Platinum Collection

Owing to its success, Zirh has since released its continuously growing Platinum collection range which includes Zirh Platinum Revive, and Zirh R2 R-Evolution. Zirh Platinum Collection offers advanced, superior skincare solutions for men.

The Zirh Platinum collection is the ultimate in men's skincare.

Now, you know all about Zirh's Skincare for Men!

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