Somme Institute Before & After Photos

Somme Institute Before & After Photos

Somme Institute Before & After Photos 1

Never Before… has a company used a medical grade tool to examine deep within the skin to see if skin care products penetrate the skin. This is a first in cosmetic history. It came from a revolutionary idea; conduct the first clinical trials using UV Photography to test the majority of products that make label claims. Why? Because ultra-violet photography acts as an x-ray of the skin to definitively prove which product(s) penetrate the skin and which do not, therefore being able to see which product(s) work and which do not.

Never Before… has a company tested thousands of skin care products ranging from department store and mass market brands to dermatologist and spa brands. Extensive testing was conducted on both the oil-based and water-based antioxidant delivery systems employed as well as on the vitamin compounds advertised and the raw materials used. Empirical data was collected on established as well as fad ingredients and the results attributed to them: alpha hydroxy and alpha lipoic acids, retinols, resveratrol, CoQ10, ginseng, gingko, Vitamin E, niacinamide, B3, and various forms of Vitamin C. These were examined in all skin care product categories: cleansers, toners, serums, sun blocks, moisturizers, and masks to determine their efficacy.

Somme Institute Before & After Photos 2

Never Before… has a company tested and tracked thousands of subjects using these products with both surface and sub-surface (3-4mm deep) photos every 4 to 6 weeks over an 8 year period.

Never Before… has a company collaborated with the biggest research dermatologists from the most prestigious universities in the world. Previously, research dermatologists did not work with skin care companies. Why? Simply put, other skin care companies only conduct market research with results based upon customer perception. Research dermatologists conduct clinical drug studies with validated results. The difference is clear, as are the results.

Somme Institute Before & After Photos 3

Never Before… has a skin care company developed a new compound with such conclusive results. After the 3rd to 4th year into the wide scale clinical trials testing raw and active ingredients, a compound was discovered that yielded staggering results. This compound was given to over a thousand subjects who had discoloration, sun damage, wrinkles, and acne. The results were first thought to be a fluke as they were so remarkable. There was a dramatic reversal in the discoloration, sun damage, wrinkles, and acne not only on the surface of the skin but 3-4mm deep as well. The results were consistent across the full age spectrum, from teenagers to women in their late 80s. The compound was patented and named MDT5™.

Never Before… has an over the counter cosmetic company conducted a randomized double-blind placebo clinical drug trial with significant results as the outcome. However, for the first time in the industry, such a trial was conducted for MDT5™. The results were significant for the reversal of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, aging skin, acne, discoloration, rosacea, and scarring both inside and outside the skin.

Never Before… have world renowned research dermatologists validated the findings of the MDT5™ Clinical Trials. The findings were validated by:

  • Albert M. Kligman M.D. Ph.D. Penn State University (Father of Retin-A & Renova)
  • Aaron B. Lerner M.D. Yale University (Discovered Melatonin, a powerful hormone regulating the human sleep-wake cycle)
  • Michael F. Holick M.D. Ph.D. Boston University (MDT5™ Abstract/Chart from Clinical Trials & Pioneer of Vitamin D Research)
  • Lynne M. Haven M.D. New York University
  • Joel J. Kassimir M.D. New York University
  • Ethan A. Lerner M.D., Ph.D. Harvard Medical School
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