Skincare Tip #2: Sunscreen Application

Posted by Dr. Julia Tzu on 5/1/2013 to Dr. Tzu's Skincare Tips
Skincare Tips: Sunscreen Application

So sunscreen is important and should be used daily, but did you know that most people do not apply sufficient amounts of sunscreen correctly?

The general rule is that a shotglass (two tablespoons) amount of sunscreen is an adequate amount for an average person. Sunscreen should be applied thirty minutes prior to sun exposure to ensure adequate absorption to the skin, then reapplied every two hours if one is engaged in activities that can cause the sunscreen to be perspired or washed off. In 2012 the FDA mandated changes in the way the sunscreen industry can label their products. Since “water proof” is no longer allowed on labels, look for “water resistant” as an indicator that a sunscreen has been clinically tested to withstand removal with water exposure for 40 or 80 minutes.

So now that you’ve put on the right amount of sunscreen and brought an extra tube for reapplication, does that mean you can be exposed under the sun for longer periods of time? Even though that may initially seem logical, keep in mind that it is the cumulative lifetime exposure to UV radiation that causes premature aging and skin cancers. The health and beauty of your skin depends on both the routine use of sunscreen as well as practicing proper sun avoidance.

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