Plump Up Your Lips

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You can easily volumize your lips with lip plumping products.

The Angelina Jolie Look

Having a full, sexy pout is desired by many women as it has always been regarded as an attractive, irresistible physical trait. However, not everybody is born with Angelina Jolie's voluminous lips. On top of that, lips naturally become thinner with age and environmental assault, which cause the skin of the lips to lose collagen and lipids. In order to plump up their lips, some women may choose to visit the doctor's office to get expensive lip augmentation treatments such as collagen implants, however, more often than not, the results are just not as great as expected. Just think about the number of celebrities on TV and magazines who got criticized for their overly enlarged, unnatural looking lips. Fortunately, the cosmetics and skincare industry has come up with an alternative solution in the form of lip plumpers which can be applied to give lips an instant, plumped up appearance.

Ingredients that Plump Up Lips

Cinnamon is one ingredient that can help plump up lips

The effectiveness of lip plumpers is dependent upon the ingredients in the formula, which can stimulate the action of various mechanisms to create more voluminous lips. One of the mechanisms results from the addition of ingredients which slightly agitate the surface of the lips. This increases vasodilation, or the widening the blood vessels, causing more blood flow to the area. Vasodilatation forces the capillaries, or small blood vessels, to allow more blood and tissue fluids to leak from the capillary walls to the lips, hence creating a fuller and redder pout. Ingredients such as cinnamon, caffeine or menthol are some examples of ingredients that can cause this effect.

Another mechanism that can be employed in lip plumpers is the addition of protein complexes that can trigger collagen production. Rather than having collagen injected into lips, these lip plumpers work by stimulating collagen production. This can create a longer-lasting effect, especially if the lip plumper is used continually over time. An example of this is the ingredient palmitoyl oligopeptide, which works effectively to stimulate collagen and elastin fiber production in lips to make them plumper.

Other ingredients include Vitamin E which increases blood flow and when applied to the lips, the resulting swelling makes the lips appear fuller. In addition, moisturizing ingredients like cocoa butter and natural plant oils can help to smooth lines and creases to give a younger, fuller look.

AminoGenesis Lips to Love Instant Lip Plumper plumps up the lips.

Lip Plumping Products

Recommended lip plumpers that contain these ingredients include AminoGenesis Lips to Love Instant Lip Plumper. The oligopeptide formula reduces the appearance of lip lines, restores natural lip color, and dramatically plumps up the lips. The formula contains caffeine and cinnamon extracts to stimulate blood flow to the lips, and palmitoyl oligopeptide to stimulate collagen and elastin production. The addition of safflower oil and niacin works to condition and smooth the lips. In addition, AminoGenesis Lip Plumper has a specially designed vibrating applicator to help increase the lip volume even more dramatically.

Another recommended lip plumper is Colorescience PRO Lip Serum Treatment. Its innovative Maxi Lip complex includes ingredients that plump up the lips, such as palmitoyl oligopeptide, which enhance the lips contour, and decreases lip lines and furrow. The serum also contains vitamin E which softens chapped and dry lips, tea tree oil and peppermint to soothe lips and freshen breath, and Bergamot, Sweet Orange, and Lavender oils for aromatherapeutic affects.

Fabeaulux Fabeau'Lips is an anti-aging, collagen renewal lip gloss. The luxurious formula contains collagen peptides to enhance cell renewal and reduce lip wrinkles. The lightweight formula is rich in moisture to treat chapped and dehydrated lips. With a silky smooth, non-sticky texture, Fabeaulux Fabeau'Lips provides instant moisture and comforts the lips while producing an irresistible and sexy pout.

Fabeaulux Fabeau'Lips plumps up the lips. Lip pencils help accentuate the lips for an even more plumped up look.

Accentuate with Lip Pencils

Finally, although lip plumpers may be temporary, the method of application can make a world of difference. When paired with clever makeup application including light application with a good, precise lip pencil, such as glominerals gloPrecision Lip Pencil to contour the lips, the perfectly voluminous, kissable pout desired by so many can be achieved.

Now, you know how to plump up your lips!

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