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Overview of Phytomer Skincare Products

Phytomer - The Premium Marine Biotechnology Brand

With 40+ years of spa industry experience in France and over 25 years in the United States Phytomer is a high-end marine brand that has not only grown with the spa industry but helped to form it. After leading the way in creating trend-setting skin care in 70 countries worldwide, Phytomer has taken the next step to pioneer in the field of biotechnology as a resource for cosmetic ingredients. We know biotechnology is the future of results-oriented cosmetics to create innovative, 100% nature skin care ingredients.

Breakthrough Marine Biotechnology

What is marine biotechnology? To put it simply, marine biotechnology is the technique of using marine micro-organisms to produce or transform an active ingredient without the addition of chemicals or artificial products. This represents the chemistry of the future, a non-polluting and eco-friendly method that guarantees a maximum respect for marine biodiversity. It’s a major breakthrough for skin care!

Cutting-Edge Professional Treatments

Phytomer is one of the few spa brands with our own laboratory which allows us to research and cultivate our own ingredients, develop unique cosmetic formulas and manufacture skin care products used in cutting-edge professional treatments that deliver remarkable results. Our teams of over 20 scientists are constantly researching marine nutrients and human cells in order to find solutions to all types of skin can body conditions.

Phytomer Favorites

Phytomer skincare three favorite products best-sellers.

When Phytomer lovers think about the brand – they think about their favorite products. If you are at all familiar with the brand, you know that Rosée Visage Cleansing Toning Lotion is a Phytomer absolute must-have! It’s an all-in-one makeup remover and toner formulated with sorenia and rose water. Skin is left rested, de-stressed and totally comfortable.

Phytomer HYDRA ORGINAL Thirst-Relief Melting Cream is another product with a cult following. It’s a facial moisturizer that uses weaving algae and other marine ingredients that work to actually restructure the skin so it can store moisture better, preventing dehydration.

If you’re in the market for an anti-aging solution, Phytomer fans will lead you toward EXPERT YOUTH Wrinkle Correction Cream. It’s the result of advanced Phytomer scientific research and contains an active complex designed to optimize the natural functions of stem cells. This deploys skin’s replenishment potential and rejuvenating power.

Clinically Proven, Breakthrough Results

When using Phytomer, you can expect to see results. Both in house and independent testing is performed on products and treatments to ensure complete effectiveness, safety and purity. Because of our dedication to rigorous production methods, Phytomer was the first spa brand to be awarded the extremely strict ISO22716 certification for its good manufacturing processes.

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