Make Your Makeup Sweat Proof

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Sweat ruins makeup

Tips for Making Your Makeup Sweat Proof

With the onset of summer, one of the main issues of concern for many women is how to keep makeup in place when you are sweating? Sweating can wreak havoc on your makeup. Foundation and concealer that melt off in streaks can look worse than if you hadn't applied them, and even worse, eye makeup that runs off can give you panda eyes that just aren’t all that attractive. Following are some great tips and preventative measures on how to help keep makeup in place.

Putting on light moisturizer will help minimize makeup smear from the sun

Switch to Oil-Free and Lighter Moisturizers

It is better to use an oil-free or lighter moisturizer on hot days to help make your makeup sweat-proof. If you have been using thicker and more emollient moisturizers to provide sufficient hydration for dryer skin in the winter, now is the time to switch to a lighter moisturizer, although more nourishing and anti-aging formulas are still recommended for the night to enhance skin cell regeneration and collagen production that occurs while you sleep.

After applying moisturizer in the morning, place a tissue on the skin and gently pat in order to soak up any excess moisture. Another way to make sure moisturizer is fully absorbed is to set your blow dryer to the cool setting and gently blow dry your face for a few minutes. This sets the moisturizer and preps the skin to keep makeup in place even on the hottest days.

One highly recommended light moisturizer is the SkinMedica Ultra Sheer Moisturizer, which has been clinically proven to restore moisture balance, while infusing the skin with panthenol and antioxidants for a healthy-looking complexion.

Use Makeup Primer

Glominerals gloFace Primer help make makeup sweat proof

To help makeup stay put for longer it is highly recommended to add a makeup primer to your skincare routine. Primers help to create a smooth, even surface for makeup. The silicones and polymers contained in primers help makeup to adhere to the skin better and for longer. In addition to helping to keep makeup in place, some primers also have additional skincare benefits such as anti-aging, anti-acne, brightening, or mattifying effects. For example, glominerals gloFace Primer contains a blend of antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental factors that can cause premature aging. And, for acne-prone skins, the highly acclaimed Colorescience PRO Face Primer for Problem Skin contains salicylic acid which clears pores and reduces dulling dead skin cells that can cause acne breakouts.

Choose the Right Makeup for Face

As with your moisturizer, a lighter or oil-free formula is the key when choosing the perfect foundation. Mineral makeup foundations are recommended as they contain ingredients that will help to reduce shine.

Colorescience PRO Loose Mineral Foundation SPF 20 Brush absorbs oil to make the makeup sweat proof

Those with oily, acne prone skin might try Colorescience PRO Loose Mineral Foundation SPF 20 Brush which contains oil absorbing and conditioning ingredients to help evenly cover blemishes and reduce shine. For those with dryer skin, glominerals gloProtective Liquid Foundation - Satin is a good choice, providing moisturizing and nourishing ingredients as well as SPF protection.

For the cheeks and lips, choose intensely pigmented formulas that can enhance the color of cheeks and lips without heavy application of the product. Lip liners are useful here as they will help lipstick from running. Finish off with a fine dusting of Colorescience PRO Sunforgettable SPF 30 Brush Matte over the entire face to set the makeup and provide instant sun protection.

Choose the Right Makeup for Eyes

Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For The Liner quickly dries to reduce chances for makeup smear

For sweat-proof eye makeup, look for smudge-proof, water-resistant gel and liquid liners instead of eye pencils, as pencils tend to be wax-based and prone to running in humidity. Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For The Liner is a quick drying, smudge-proof formula that can also enhance the natural appearance of your lashes with regular use. Use water-resistant mascara such as glominerals gloWater Resistant Mascara to lengthen and thicken your lashes. If you want to apply eye shadow, use an eyelid primer beforehand, such as Blinc Eye Shadow Primer. The unique formulation reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and fills unevenness to provide smooth eyelids for easy application of eye shadow and ensures that eye shadow will not smudge, fade, or run.

Use Blotting Papers

If despite all efforts, sweat and oil still seep through your makeup coverage, keep glominerals gloBlotting Papers at hand to gently remove excess oil from the surface of the skin without smudging makeup.

Now, you are free from that smudged look!

By following the above mentioned suggestions, makeup can indeed stay sweat-proof, so you can enjoy a flawless-looking complexion throughout the hot summer months.

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