MEG 21 with Supplamine®: Skin Health and Beauty, Scientifically

Posted by on 12/20/2016 to Product Review

MEG 21 with Supplamine®:  Skin Health and Beauty, Scientifically

MEG 21The story of Supplamine®, the “secret sauce” of MEG 21 anti-aging, skin care products, is one of scientific surprise and dedication. A team of world-class research scientists worked diligently to find a treatment for diabetic kidney diseases. During the experimentation process, inspiration stuck. Could a key to stopping the signs of aging be hidden in the treatment of a disease that we had been studying for most of our professional lives?

As research continued, we made an important discovery: The enzyme (FN3K) is linked to diabetic kidney diseases and is active in skin.

At this point, the team faced a difficult choice: Do we continue our research in diabetes or set out to discover safe compounds to inhibit the destructive effects of the enzyme on skin health and aging? Although members of the team remained focused on diabetic complications, fortunately for skin care, they also dedicated research time to studying the causes of diseases effecting skin, with emphasis on inflammation, glycation and oxidative stress, three killers of healthy, youthful and beautiful skin.

These scientists were convinced that skin beauty and health are not just about glitter and glam, but more importantly are about feelings of self-worth and self-confidence. When people feel better about themselves they tend to be healthier. If skin health, vitality and smoothness could be restored, the scientists reasoned, they could better people‘s lives. Being healthier by beautifying skin—now here was a worthy mission.

The result of our research revolutionized skin health and beauty care: After examining hundreds of compounds, the team of scientists developed a dual-nutrient formula, Supplamine, which in scientific laboratories stops toxic sugar build-up and the resulting glycation, inflammation, and oxidative stress. It also boosts collagen production. Formulated into a cream, Supplamine was put to the real-world, application tested in more than 7 independent clinical trials. They proved that Supplamine helps reverse the appearance of aging skin; softens wrinkles; evens skin tone; and reduces or eliminates age spots.

Our first product was Smooth Radiance MEG 21 Face Treatment with Supplamine. It became an immediate success. But my “real-world” beckoned. Truth is, I was getting older. Those of you who are 55+ know the signs: Loose, sagging, wrinkling skin; the dreaded “turkey neck,” giggling jowls; crepey chest; and dark spots. Yikes, I had to do something!

Being a scientist, I decided to reformulate our original product for people like myself, with significant skin challenges. After much experimentation, Smooth Radiance MEG 21 Advanced Formula with Supplamine was born. It contains a higher Supplamine concentration, which works effectively to help erase the appearance of fine lines on hard-to-treat areas, such as the neck and décolletage, and to firm skin and even skin tone. And, this extra-potent formulation is gentle enough for the face. Check out my image on YouTube ( and see what this product has done for a 73 year-old youngster!

With the full force of science behind MEG 21 with Supplamine products, you should begin to see results within 14 days, which is what dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and estheticians have been reporting since our first product was launched in 2006. Apply MEG 21 with Supplamine products twice daily and you, too, will experience the self confidence that comes with putting your best skin forward!

MEG 21
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