Get Feet Ready, Pre & Post Marathon with Margaret Dabbs

Posted by on 7/19/2016 to Product Review

Get Feet Ready, Pre & Post Marathon with Margaret Dabbs

Margaret Dabbs London Hydrating Foot SoakRunning can really take its toll on feet and cause them to ache, blister, crack, peel, and itch. Whether training for the marathon or going for a jog, give your feet some TLC with our fabulous foot care products expertly formulated to give you healthy gorgeous feet. Each product is enriched with pure emu oil for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties with a wide range of omega oils that are known to facilitate good health.

Below are some tips to get your feet ready pre & post marathon.

  • Make sure your nails are not too long as the pounding on the streets will cause them to press on footwear and socks. This will cause trauma and inflammation and you are likely to lose the affecting nail(s). Also make sure that your chosen footwear and socks for the big day are worn-in prior to the race.

  • Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Foot LotionPost-training Allow feet to soak in the Margaret Dabbs London Hydrating Foot Soak to quickly relieve puffy, tired, and aching feet. Our signature ingredient, Emu Oil, helps to reduce any swelling of the feet and lower legs, whilst protecting dehydrated skin and nails. This multi-tasking product is also great for relieving inflammation of the bones and joints by being massaged into feet.

  • Wrap your feet in our luxuriously rich and creamy Margaret Dabbs London Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion. This award winning lotion, enriched with Emu Oil and scented with Lemon Myrtle, will help transform and nourish the skin of the feet, whilst softening callus and slowing future callus build up.

  • Margaret Dabbs Foot Hygiene CreamThe Margaret Dabbs London Foot Hygiene Cream is the ultimate, must-have product for any runner as it helps to relieve symptoms of sore, dry, blistered skin and is the perfect hygiene measure for sports and sweat prone feet. Rich in Emu Oil to promote skin renewal and pure Tea Tree Oil, for it’s natural anti fungal and anti-bacterial qualities, it is perfect for daily use to keep feet looking fit, protected and healthy.

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