Defend Your Glow with HydroPeptide Solar Defense Products

Posted by Erin Larson (HydroPeptide, Director of Brand Management & Education) on 6/6/2017 to Product Review

Defend Your Glow with HydroPeptide Solar Defense Products

We're all in search of the "secret" to slow down aging. One of the most powerful ways to put the brakes on wrinkles and sagging skin and protect the results you are achieving with all those great skincare products is not a secret at all. It's sunscreen. Some may cringe when they hear this news, estheticians and dermatologists experience this all the time hearing things like, "I'm just not someone who wears sunscreen", "I hate the way it feels" or "I don’t live in a sunny area so I don't need sunscreen, but I'm always sure to wear it when I go on vacation." The fact is we need sunscreen year-round, no matter the weather.

HydroPeptide Solar Defense TINTED Broad Spectrum SPF 30When it is sunny we are exposed to UVA or "aging" rays as well as UVB or "burning" rays. We all understand why sunscreen is important in direct sunlight as we want to avoid getting a sunburn. However, when it is cloudy, even though we are not getting the "burning" rays, the "aging" rays can still make it through the clouds. These rays break down our collagen and cause wrinkles, beginning around the eye area where the skin is the thinnest and working their way to our entire face, neck and décolleté over time.

Additionally, many people think they are most at risk while they are at the beach or somewhere else sunny but given that most of us vacation only once or twice per year and we are more likely to wear sunscreen during these times, we actually gain the majority of our sun exposure going about our daily lives; walking from our car to the office, getting the mail, going in and out of the grocery store. These small exposures add up to cumulative sun damage that far exceeds our few days at the beach wearing sunscreen. So, love the idea of preventing aging but hate the thought of sunscreen? Maybe you just haven't found the right product.

HydroPeptide Solar Defense Non-Tinted Broad Spectrum SPF 50"HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle + Protect products are the sunscreen for people who hate using sunscreen. They overcome all of the reasons people choose not to add this important step to their routine while protecting from UVA, UVB and Infrared damage. These three powerful sunscreens include Solar Defense Tinted SPF 30 for face, Solar Defense Non-Tinted SPF 50 for face, and Solar Defense Body, a SPF 40 spray with 80 minutes water resistance. A top concern about sunscreen is it can be white or chalky but not with these products. In fact, Solar Defense Tinted has color adjusting spheres that blend to any skin tone and cover minor imperfections.

HydroPeptide Solar Defense Body Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 40Additionally, many people with sensitive or breakout-prone skin are afraid sunscreen will break them out but Solar Defense products leave a light, matte finish and incorporate Galanga Root which helps to maintain a clearer complexion so they're great for absolutely any skin type. The final plus is the luxurious scent, whether you prefer the Acai aroma of the Tinted, the Passionfruit essence in the body spray or want to go scent-free with Non-Tinted, you'll never have an overpowering "sunscreen smell" with these products which makes them perfect for daily use. You can find HydroPeptide Solar Defense products on or at medical clinics and luxury resorts throughout the world.

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